02 March 2007

Stop the War - No to Trident March

The latest anti-war march organised by Stop the War Coalition and CND also focused on the replacement of Trident. The date also happened to co-incide with a Unite for Peace gathering. Unite for Peace is a small group of families and individuals within FoR who meet together twice a year, to support each other and reflect on peacemaking issues. We decided that we would all go along to the march together.

Chris went early as he was reading at the pre-march prayer service organised by the Methodist, Baptist and URC Joint Public Affairs Group at Hinde Street Church and then walked to the beginning of the march withe the FoR banner (getting soaked in the process!)

After some careful co-ordination we all met up at Hyde Park and had a quick bite to eat before the march set off. The children had made placards and as the front of the march passed us there was a media frenzy of photographers taking the kids pictures!

We saw many friends and colleagues along the march - far too many to mention - but it was like being part of a large community. These large marches may seem to have little point - especially when the almost non-existent press coverage puts numbers at 1000 - 2000 (ridiculous!) however you do realise that there are many many people working for peace in so many different ways on these events.


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